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Ragdolls Around the World
Orlando 2018 Results

 Kittens (63 entered)

 1. 30 Mirumkitty Handsome As Hell
7mo seal point bicolor male
B/O Judit Jozan

 2. 31 Rubyridgerags Manatee Merlin
7mo seal point bicolor male
B/O Glenn Diaz

 3. 78 Sunnyshores Bahama Mama
4mo seal lynx point bicolor female
B/O Rachel Robinson-Zimmer

 4. 61 Darlinlildols True North
5mo blue point bicolor male
B/O Gail and Ashley Arthur

 5. 35 Darlinlildols Midnight Velvet
7mo seal point bicolor female
B: Gail Arthur
O: Jia Tan/Yuqing Yang

 6. 52 Rubyridgerags Grayson Blu
6mo blue point bicolor male
B/O Glen Diaz

 7. 37 Dollyave Sweetie Lychee
6mo seal point bicolor female
B/O Na Wong

 8. 28 Rosecottage Mooseberry
5mo seal point mitted male
B/O Karen Hoppe

 TIE 9. 33 Blumenkatzen Nefertite
5mo seal point bicolor female
B/O Carla Janke

 TIE 9. 63 Darlinlildols Moonlight
6mo blue point bicolor male
B: Gail Arthur
O: Zixu Wang

 Champions (36 entered)

 1. 136 IW SGC Allweneedis Quality Time
1.7mo seal point bicolor male
B: Annouk Fennis
O: Amy Stadter

 2. 149 SGC Marlcreek Trouble Comes In Blue
1.3 blue point mitted male
B: Charmayne Anderson & Kristina Zuffa
O Charmayne Anderson

 3.167 RW QGC 5starrags Gabriella
1.0 seal lynx point bicolor female
B/O Karen Walsh

4. 163 RW SGC Riterags Peaches and Cream
1.10mo blue tortie point bicolor female
B/O Deb Parks

 5. 143 Darlinlildols Yukon Gold
11 mo seal point bicolor male
B: Gail Arthur
O: Ashley Arthur and Gail Arthur

 6. 153 RW SGC Oakside Code Blue of Pagatos
2.3 blue point bicolor male
B/O M. King-A.Wright-Teri Spencer

 7. 157 Dolcemadre Blue Moon of Furreal
10m blue point bicolor male
B: Hiroko Kanao
O: Mary Riddell

 8. 152 Darlinlildols Northern Lights
2.1 blue point bicolor female
B/O Ashley and Gail Arthur

 9. 144 Bellapalazzo Wynter
8mo seal point bicolor female
B/O Mindy Ferreira

10. 133 Countrysiderags Saphire Rose
1.1 seal point mitted female
B/O Kristy Goodloe

Alters (13 entered)
 1. 318 IW SGCA Riterags Lexus
1.7 cream lynx point bicolor neuter
B: Deb Parks
O: Julie Ball

 2. 315 RW GCA Riterags Aspen Glow
1.1 cream point bicolor neuter
B: Deb Parks
O: Julie Ball

 3. 308 RW SGCA Keepurrs Just Living the Dream
1.5 seal point bicolor neuter
B: Christie Lyons
O: Mary Reiss

 4. 314 CHA TNTDolls Niko Living the Dream
1.6 blue point bicolor neuter
B/O Donna and Tim Turk

 5. 310 RW QGC Raggymay Claudette of Salshire
4.2 blue point mitted spay
B: Edie Casey
O: Sallie and Steve Dubay

 6. 307 Ragburt Precious Storm Dharma Van Dyne
1.0 seal point mitted spay
B/O Julia Burt

 7. 311 Ragnificentdoll Prince of Thieves
1.4 blue point mitted neuter
B/O Emma Davis-Icks/Steve Icks/Steve Icks

 8. 312 SGCA Dollhouse Pure Luck
5.0 blue point bicolor neuter
B: Janeil Cillessen
O: Jill Adams

 9. 306 Usapurrs Black Bean BunBun
1.0 seal point spay
B: Brianne Defoe
O: Zihang Zou

 10. 309 Rockinblues Sweet Home Alabama
9.10 seal point bicolor spay
B/O Cori Cherok

RFW Congratulates:
2014 Cream of the Crop
RFW Best Ragdolls: Cat, Kitten and Alter


IW SGC Palacedolls Atticus of Snugglerags
Seal Point Mitted Male Ragdoll Cat

RW Furreal OMG
Seal Point Bicolor Male Ragdoll Kitten

LA SGCA BellaPalazzo Oliver Twist
Blue Point Bicolor Ragdoll Alter

Congratulations to ALL of our Cream of the Crop Winners!!

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