"The Chosen Ones"
In Honor of the TICA Supreme Grand Champion Ragdoll Cats

2007 Supreme Grand Champions

SGCA BellaPalazzo Isaac
Blue Point Bicolor Alter

Breeder/Owner Mindy Ferriera


RW SGC Rags2riches Crystal Blue of Riterags
Blue Lynx Point Bicolor Female

Breeder Scottie Cone
Owner Deb Parks



RW SGC Riterags Victory
Blue Lynx Point Male

Breeder/Owner Deb Parks



IW RW SGC Riterags Diva Doll
Blue Point Bicolor Female

Breeder/Owner Deb Parks



RW SGC Riterags Cinderella
Blue Point Bicolor Feale

Breeder/Owner Deb Parks



RW SGC Riterags Jumbolette
Blue Lynx Point Mitted Female

Breeder/Owner Deb Parks



RW SGC Bluegrasrags Southern Pleasure
Seal Point Bicolor Male

Owner Connie Harvey


RW SGC Galaxyrags Pegasus
Seal Point Bicolor Male

Breeder/Owner Judy Mackey



IW RW SGC Galaxyrags Leo
Seal Point Mitted Male

Breeder/Owner Judy Mackey

SGCA Donnasdollys Valentino
Seal Point Bicolor Alter
Breeder/Owner Donna Cipley

RW SGC BellaPalazzo Eyan
Seal Point Bicolor Male
Breeder/Owner Mindy Ferreira

SGC CelticRagdolls Thomas O Mally of Razldazldolls
Seal Colorpoint Male

Breeder Janie Thompson
Owner Pete and Cindy Dewolfe

SGC Rocknrags Maggie Mae of Furreal
Blue Tortie Point Mitted Female

Breeder Cheryl Bond
Owner Cliff and Mary Riddell


SGC Riterags Milagro of Furreal
Seal Point Bicolor Male

Breeder Deb Parks
Owner Cliff and Mary Riddell

SGC Rockinblues November Rain
of Heartnsoul

Blue Point Bicolor Female

Owner:  Carolyn Font

photo by Helmi Flick

SGC Ragalong Bandit 1s
Seal Point Bicolor Male

Breeder/Owner:  Alan and Marilyn McCorkindale

SGC Riterags My Blue Heaven
of Rockcreek

Blue Point Bicolor Male

Owner:  Jane A. Tye-Balter
Breeder:  Deborah Parks



SGC Palacedolls Prince Gallaway
of CelticRagdolls

Seal point male

Owner:  Janie Thompson





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