"The Chosen Ones"
In Honor of the TICA Supreme Grand Champion Ragdoll Cats

2011 Supreme Grand Champions

RW SGC BellaPalazzo Montego

Blue Point Bicolor Male
Breeder/Owner Mindy Ferreira 

SGC Razldazldolls Lullaby

Seal Point Bicolor Male
Breeder/Owner Cindy DeWolfe

SGC Adorabledolls Lady Marisa

Blue Point Bicolor female
Breeder/Owner: Carol Jaquez

IW SGC Bluegrasrags Apollo of OlympoDolls

Seal Point Bicolor Male
Owner: Luis Calvo & Fernando Rodriguez

IW SGC OlympoDolls Diana JW

Blue Point Bicolor Female
Breeder/Owner: Luis Calvo & Fernando Rodriguez

RW SGC Willowtreerags Genevieve Hansdatter

Seal Point Bicolor Female
Breeder/Owner: Mable Roberts


RW SGC Willowtreerags Claus Hansen

Blue Point Bicolor Male
Breeder/Owner: Mable Roberts


SGCA Raggledazzle Georgie of Rags2dazzle

Blue Point Bicolor Neuter
Owner Addie Griffin

RW SGC Flufyluf Akiko Shinju

 Blue point bicolor Ragdoll female
Co-Owner/ Co- Breeder Mady Janssens

RW SGC Donnasdollys Frankie Blue Eyes

 Seal point bicolor Ragdoll male
Co-Owner/Breeder Donna Cipley 


RW SGC Ragalong Burgundy
 Blue point bicolor Ragdoll male

Owner/Breeder Marilyn McCorkindale



RW SGC Dollheaven Dressed To Purfection
Blue point bicolor female

Breeder/Owner - Pat Doss 


RW SGC Dollheaven Hollywood Sequel
Blue point bicolor male

Breeder/Owner - Pat Doss 



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