Ragdoll Cream of the Crop

The following cats are being honored as Cream of the Crop for their outstanding accomplishments in the show hall. A cat must be owned by a member of Ragdoll Fanciers Worldwide to be eligible for the Championship cat awards. The kitten and alter awards will be provided to the RFW member who is the breeder of the cat if the cats owner is not a breeder. The awards are based on points scored in TICA shows in the 2002-2003 show season.


Best Ragdoll Alter
RW SGCA Proud Key


Second Best Ragdoll Alter
SGCA Ragalong Rhapsody In Blue

Third Best Ragdoll Alter
SGCA Purrsonable's Peekaboo Joeyblu

Fourth Best Ragdoll Alter
SGCA Sfexclusive Delightful Daisy Blue

Fifth Best Ragdoll Alter
Marisa's Tazia

Sixth Best Ragdoll Alter
Chatandolls Shadow

Seventh Best Ragdoll Alter
Kachinadolls PPC of Hidsrtdolls

Eighth Best Ragdoll Alter
RW SGCA Proud Wata

Ninth Best Ragdoll Alter
SGCA Rags2riches Rebel of Donnasdollys

Tenth Best Ragdoll Alter
Plentylove Alf Layla Wa Layla

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