Constructing a Queening Pen- Idea 1

Photos and text by Alice Baker Earthangels Ragdolls

I wanted a queening pen in my bedroom.....

doorway to queening pen.JPG (245581 bytes)

so I could always be with expectant moms, but I didn't want a big clunky cage... So we took an entry way into another room, enclosed it, covered it with faux tile waterproof paneling and made a 2 story queening pen that opened into my bedroom but did not take up any floor space. The enclosure was designed with the idea that it could also be used as one big pen with a trap door to the bottom for any cat that needs to be confined. 

veiw from the bed  to queening pen.JPG (225523 bytes)

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second story.JPG (31691 bytes) The enclosure area is 8 feet tall, 3 feet deep from front to back and 5 ft long. Each pen is 4 ft high, 3 ft deep and 5 ft long with a shelf in each that is 2 ft high which is a comfortable hop for mom but not for babies. When I first put mommy to be in, the top shelf is blocked so she is not hopping around with a load of babies (so as not to risk torsion). She gets jaunts about the house but a week before due date she stays in there unless directly supervised.

On the bottom shelf I put a Rubbermaid storage container with a door cut in it for a hiding place that is sanitary, safe, cozy, and big enough for mom to move around in for queening.

Each level of the pen has lighting fixtures with natural elements in it like they use for plants, fish, reptiles ect, plus natural lighting in the room from a big window seat. 

After kittens are born, I open top shelf and put litter box up there it keeps the bottom clean for babies and keeps kittens out of litter as the babies get older I give them a short post to play with, eventually on and as they get older they get a taller more challenging one that is safe.

short stuff.JPG (179984 bytes)

The posts are removed daily to change bedding and then go back in. Mom gets out whenever she wants and will usually come find me when she wants to go back in with babies. When they are starting to really get crazy in there about 4-5 weeks I move them into the living room in the potty training pen that is 8 ft long 4 ft wide and 21/2 ft tall with a vinyl floor.

We are not quite finished with it yet, still needs some finishing touches (mostly paint ) and there are a few things I will change as soon as I get a chance. The second story I plan to tear off the carpet and put in vinyl flooring. The bottom shelf has vinyl with sealed seams.

graduating to taller post so they can get upstairs.JPG (27991 bytes) The top shelf was originally for mom to give her a place to get away from the kittens and to keep kittens out of her litter and food. It also gives them more floor space for toddling around ect. As the babies get older they get a kick hopping around up there, so I give them a bigger post just before they go into potty training pen. second story access.JPG (26558 bytes)

I also put them back in this queening cage when I clean their training pen so it gives them something to do in a safe place.

Some of the details of the construction:

Two pieces of vinyl coated shelving were used to construct the door.  door of vinyl coated shelving and latch.JPG (49278 bytes)
Screws with large washers were used to attach the shelving to the wood framing
how we made these into secure doors.JPG (14527 bytes)
All cut ends of the shelving were covered with rubber caps for safety. rubber caps for saftey and how doors are attached.JPG (16125 bytes)
The door opens out to make cleaning and access easier. the doors open out and away so as not to hinder access and cleaning.JPG (176590 bytes)
We attached a wood barrier across the top to keep the kittens from pulling the door in. to keep door firmily in place so they cannot pull them in.JPG (20340 bytes)

 This is our first queening pen and is working out quite well for us. Good Luck with your own projects!!



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