The Chosen Ones
In Honor of the TICA Supreme Grand Champions

2000 Supreme Grand Champions

SGCA Rags2Riches Oliver Patrick Spencer
Blue Point Bicolor 2000


SGC RitzyRags Richard of Rags2Riches
Blue Point Mitted 2000

SGC RitzyRags Courtenay of Rags2Riches
Seal Point Bicolor 2000


RW SGC Floppicat Briaton of BellaPalazzo
Blue Point Bicolor 2000


 SGC RitzyRags Polaris of Harlequin
Blue Point Bicolor 2000


IW RW SGC S*Krickelins Emporio of Medieval
Blue Point Bicolor 2000


SGC Dandenong Along Came Jones
Blue Point Bicolor 2000


TICA International Best Ragdoll Cat 1999-2000
IW SGC Dollvalley Maximilion
blue lynx point bicolor 2000




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