"The Chosen Ones"
In Honor of the TICA Supreme Grand Champions

2002 New Supremes added to the top of the page...

RW SGC Proud Wata
Blue Point Bicolor 2003

RW SGC Proud Key
Blue Point Bicolor 2003

SGCA PURRsonable Joey Blue
Blue Lynx Point Bicolor 2002


SGC Dollchateau Casanova III
Seal Point Bicolor 2002

SGCA Furreal Midas Suns
Seal Point Bicolor 2002

SGCA SF Exclusives Delightful Daisy Blue
Blue Point Bicolor 2002

IW RW SGC Plentylove Malik Al Faris
Blue Point Bicolor 2002

SGC Cherryhill Crystal Blue
Blue Lynx Point Bicolor Female 2002


SGCA Ragalong Rhapsody in Blue
Blue Point  Bicolor Male


SGC Marisa's Bittersweet Symphony
Seal Colorpoint Female


SGC Chatandolls Ramses of Reddoor
Seal Point Bicolor


SGC Lonerock Champagne of Loneheart
Cream Point Bicolor


SGC Fischerfarms Spirit of Earthangels
Blue Lynx Point Bicolor


SGCA SFExclusive's La Femme Nikita
Blue Point Bicolor 1.8 years




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