The Chosen Ones
In Honor of the TICA Supreme Grand Champions

To improve load time, the Supreme Photos have been separated into several pages
This page displays the first 20 Years 1979-1999, 

SGCA Ragnarok Waggedy Anne of Dandenong
seal point mitted 1986


SGC Dandenong Elizabeth Taylor
seal point bicolor 1995
first female Ragdoll supreme


IW SGCA JJ Purrecious Prince Allen
seal point mitted with blaze 1995


SGC Purple Heather Whiskey Bandit
seal point bicolor 1991

SGC Rufsntuftz Syr William
lilac point bicolor 1996


IW SGC Dandenong Norma Jean of Chatandolls
seal point bicolor 1996


SGC Ritzyrags Blue Danube
lilac point bicolor 1997


RW SGC Chatandolls Takeshi
seal point bicolor 1997


RW SGC Dandenong Kiyoshi of Chatandolls
blue point mitted with blaze 1997


IW RW SGCA Chatandolls Alexander Rag
blue point bicolor 1998


IW SGC Furreal Zappata
seal point bicolor 1998


RW SGCA Furreal Ramsey of Maramoto
seal point bicolor 1998


RW SGCA Michaels Prince Sylvester
Blue Point Bicolor 1999


RW SGC Dandenong Jackie Collins
seal point bicolor 1999


SGCA Mourningdove's Creamy Toffee
Seal Point Bicolor



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