How To Make Cage Curtains  

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In most of the cat shows, the cage size is 22x22x22, which means a double cage is 22x22x44. Check you show flyer for cage sizes. The following directions are for very easy three-piece curtains. They will fit almost all cages. You are required to provide covering for the top and three sides of your cage, to provide your cat its own space, and protect your cats and the cats around from exposure.

My first show I borrowed cage curtains because I was not sure how much I was going to like showing. For the next show I made my first set of curtains…. I am now on set 5….

My first set of curtains was an adorable cotton calico fabric with all kinds of buttons and bows that needed to be pinned and tied. They looked darling all set up… but I quickly discovered why no one else uses cotton calico…. It WRINKLES in the wash. I also realized why no one else had all the buttons and bows- they require intense set up time.

The next set I created out of a pretty twin size sheet. I still carry these curtains for emergencies, and they have been used several times by first time exhibitors. They store well, wash well and look clean. I sewed some lace on the edges and glued some pearls along the top valance. They are not really fancy, but work perfectly fine.

My next attempt was a bit more extravagant. I had been showing for a while and was doing well. I wanted something flashier for my little girl kitties… I bought some pink fabric and some burgundy lace and scalloped the front edge with the lace. I added a burgundy rose trim and the set was done.

The next year I showed a male and felt funny putting him in pink curtains, so I purchased some deep violet satin and some gold and ivory lace and went to work again. The Violet set and the Pink set are the ones I use now. I will give you the dimensions for cutting and sewing.

 There are three pieces to my cage curtains, the top, the sides, and the bottom.

The top piece will cover the entire top of the cage and drop down over each side. I let this top piece hang over the front of the cage about 6 inches for a valance. This edge is where you sew the lace or what ever you want. Most fabric is 45 inches wide on the bolt, and you purchase by the yard of running length. You will need 88 inches (22 for the side, 44 across the top and 22 for the other side) this is 2.45 yards. Each end will need to be hemmed where it was cut. 

TOP = 88 inches

Next you will need a piece for the sides. I like to completely cover the cage so my cat does no ever touch the cage bars. To do this, purchase a piece of fabric long enough to go around the sides and then some. I like to buy a complimentary contrasting color slinky type fabric for the sides; I found the silky lightweight fabric used for suit liners is perfect. You want the fabric to be lightweight, but not see through. I also like this fabric to drape like curtains so I add a few inches to the length to allow for draping. This piece will need to be hemmed on each end where it was cut. It folds in half long wise over the edge of the top of the cage. This piece needs to be at least 90 inches, but I prefer 100 inches to allow for draping. This is 2.78 yards.

 SIDE PIECE = 100 inches

Next and last is the bottom. I like my bottom to hang down and cover my table area so I can hide my carrier and grooming box behind the table skirt. This piece should be 22 + 30 + hem allowance 2= 54 inches. You can use a bath rug or a towel inside the cage on top of this bottom piece to make a cozy surface for your cat to lie on. Some people sew a special cage pad out of fleece or other material that kitties like. Be careful not to get material that is too fuzzy or you may have a problem with static. Many exhibitors add pockets for grooming tools or decorations on this skirt part of the curtains, as well as lace on the bottom edge. Be creative, and have fun!!

BOTTOM= 54 inches

Total Yardage: 

  • Top and Bottom  88"+54"=142" (3.95 yards)
  • contrasting fabric for sides 100" (2.78 yards)



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