RFW Breeders Of Distinction Program


1. The Purpose of this Club and to be a Breeder Of Distinction is to do all we can to aid in the development and successful future of The Ragdoll Breed. We do this through education and public awareness as a club and by the sharing of our time, knowledge, expertise and ideas as individual members.

2. I pledge to participate with respect, honesty and an open mind toward each other and a sincere concern for the best interest of the Ragdoll.


1. I will NEVER breed a Ragdoll whose health or condition show any sign of disease, whose temperament is proven faulty due to genetics not environment and/or a Ragdoll which possesses any serious conformation or genetic faults.

2. I will isolate all new cats for a minimum of 10 days to 2 weeks and test for FeLv & FIV before introducing them to my Cattery.

3. PKD screening, HCM screening and blood typing is encouraged prior to breeding cats where problems have been found in the lines. It is very important and beneficial to all Ragdolls and Ragdoll breeders for all scanning and testing results to be shared with the health committee so they can be added to the on-line data base.

4. I agree that arrangements should be made for the continued care or placement of my cats in case of an emergency situation or death.

5. I agree that kittens must be 10 weeks old, preferably 12 weeks or older prior to leaving the breeder and will have been vet checked and vaccinated at least one time and be free of any known fungus, parasites or infectious disease.

6. I agree to keep all my breeding stock under clean and sanitary conditions; providing a quality diet, fresh water and necessary veterinary care.

7. I will provide secure housing with necessary climate and/or temperature control and run areas of adequate size with safety features specific to the character and exercise requirements of my cats and kittens.

8. I will maintain mental health and well-being through daily human contact, proper ventilation and fresh air, sunshine and good lighting.

9. I agree to show my cats as often as possible, displaying ethical behavior and good sportsmanship.

10. I agree that accurate record keeping is vital to the Ragdoll and to a good breeding program and therefore I will never falsify any registration or pedigree information.


1. I agree to select and breed only the best possible stock, conscientiously planning each litter based on pedigrees, health history, temperament, and conformation following the breed standard as closely as possible.

2. I agree to have all breeder stock registered prior to breeding and to keep accurate records for each cat including Vet visits, health problems, vaccinations, matings, pregnancies and deliveries of each Queen and an additional record for weight, Vet visits, worming and vaccination schedule of each kitten.

3. I will breed only healthy, mature females over one year of age, preferably not before the second heat and allowing sufficient time between litters. Females should be bred for no more than 6 years, assuming they have had no prior health issues or difficulty with pregnancy, delivery, or caring for kittens.

4. I will not breed a female to more than one stud during any heat period. Should an unintentional second mating occur, the resulting litter must be sold as pets only with no pedigree provided.

5. I agree that a pregnant queen needs a private, warm and safe environment to give birth. I will be present and available in case she or the newborns need me.

6. I agree to not provide or receive stud service except in rare circumstances. RFW does not approve of indiscriminate stud service. A closed cattery is recommended for health reasons.

7. I agree to never inbreed/linebreed any cats without having a special knowledge of the pedigree and genetics involved.

8. I agree to spay/neuter any mature cat being retired from a breeding program before placing for adoption. If there is a known health problem or concern, I will provide that information in writing.


1. I agree to never knowingly sell or consign kittens or adults to pet shops, brokers, kitty mills or similar facilities nor to supply kittens or adults for raffles, prizes or similar projects.

2. I agree to carefully screen all potential homes, with the intent to place kittens and cats with buyers who will make a lifetime commitment. In the interest of each individual cat's right to have a stable and happy life, kittens placed for breeding must be spayed or altered when the purchasing breeder is through using the cat in their own breeding program. Adult cats should not be re-homed as whole breeding cats except in special circumstances.

3. I am aware of the value of a breeder/owner relationship, I agree to never produce more kittens than I am able to place into suitable homes myself and I will not act as a broker for other breeders.

4. I will educate buyers on how to introduce the new kitten to other pets and that Ragdolls must not be left outside to roam, must be protected from abusive people or small children and how to kitten proof their home.

5. I will provide buyers with health and general care information including but not limited to feeding and care instructions - several days supply of current food is recommended along with a written health and vaccination record at the time of sale.

6. I will educate buyers about vaccinations and current protocol on what vaccines are safe and necessary for indoor only cats.

7. I will not declaw my cats and I will teach new owners that Ragdolls do not need to be declawed. I will show new buyers how to clip nails and how to properly groom their new Ragdoll. I will provide information about a kittens need to scratch and what types of scratching posts are best suited to the large cat that a Ragdoll kitten will become.

8. I agree to sell all cats and kittens - Pet, Show, Breeder or Show/Breeder - with a written contract or sales agreement, a copy for both the Buyer and Seller stating; name, quality, color, sex, pattern and birth date of cat - name, address, phone number and signature of Buyer - name, address, phone number and signature of Seller.

9. I agree to include a health guarantee statement in this contract and I will adhere to and uphold this agreement. If there is a health concern or known problem, the contract should include written, signed and dated documentation of that information.

10. I agree to inform all buyers to have kitten or cat, at buyers expense, examined by a licensed Veterinarian within 72 hours of the sale.

11. I agree to have all of my pet kittens spayed or neutered before leaving my care. If early spay and neuter is not possible, I agree to have a written spay/neuter agreement in the contract if the kitten has not been already altered. If kitten leaves unaltered, a set time frame will be given and stated in the written contract to deem a deadline for the spay/neutering. All registration paperwork and information is withheld until the terms of that agreement are met and Seller receives the required written proof that the kitten has been spayed/neutered within the required time period. Should no proof be received by this deadline, breeder agrees to make all efforts to contact Purchaser and follow up on this.

12. If the kitten has been altered prior to leaving, I will provide the buyer with all necessary registration paperwork and information at the time of sale.

13. I agree to be responsible for my kittens/cats and to include a statement that I will reclaim or assist in re-homing the cat in the event that the buyer is unable to keep the cat for any reason to avoid the cat being placed in any type of shelter or facility.

14. I will encourage buyers to contact me with questions or concerns.

15. I agree that when selling breeder quality stock, the cat should represent the Ragdoll and my Cattery as the best quality (health, temperament & standard ) possible and I will honestly assess and present all information and paperwork to the buyer, including a 5 generation pedigree. I will also be available for future guidance or information that may be needed.

16. I recognize the responsibility that accompanies the sale of breeding stock. I will not place breeding cats with any new breeder who is not being mentored without agreeing to take the responsibility of mentoring them.

17. I will not be a primary mentor for anyone until I have sufficient knowledge and experience to do so reliably.

18. I will sell to Responsible Breeders with a registered Cattery name and who are Breeder Members of at least one Ragdoll Club or Organization.


1. I agree to never make or repeat false statements that may concern this Club or any Member of this club or shed a bad light on the Ragdoll now or in the future. I understand that proven negative behavior or false statements may result in my termination from the RFW.

2. As a member of RFW, I have the right to report negative behavior concerning Ragdolls or any misrepresentation of this Club or the COE to the appropriate RFW Grievance Committee.

3. I have reviewed and fully understand this RFW Breeders Of Distinction Code of Ethics and I choose to accept the honor of being a Breeder Of Distinction. I understand that I am free to withdraw at any time.

I agree to abide by all the terms in this code to the best of my ability.

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