Ragdoll Coat Colors and Patterns

photo courtesy Cheryl Adams
Ragbencher Ragdolls

The Ragdoll has a bunny soft, semi-longhair coat which does not require extensive grooming. Ragdoll kittens are born white, acquiring their coloring and coat pattern as they age. Full color development may not be evident until 2-3 years of age. 

The TICA Ragdoll Breed Standard for the Ragdoll cat allows the following colors:

**Click on each underlined color or pattern to see a page filled with pictures of Ragdolls in that color/pattern!! These display pictures will change occasionally so check here often!!



All Ragdoll cats must be pointed cats with blue eyes to be acknowledged for championship competition.

Divisions: (all Ragdolls must be pointed)

Solid Division

one solid (point) color without recognizable stripes, spots, ticking, white, or silvering.

Tortie Division

The basic tortie is a combination of black and red patches in a random manner

Lynx Division

Tabby markings in the point color

Particolor Division


Cats that exhibit the white spotting factor (with the exception of lockets), regardless of the amount of white or basic background color.


All Colors

Seal point 
Blue point 
Chocolate point 
Lilac point 
Red point 
Cream point 

All colors in the pointed category, in the accepted Solid point, Tortie point, Lynx point, and Particolor point divisions. 

**Click on each underlined color to see Ragdoll cats in that color**

The Ragdoll is carefully bred to produce pleasing patterns of white markings. The Particolor division recognizes two separate levels of white in the Ragdolls:


white mittens, chin and belly stripe


white inverted "v", belly and all four legs

These white patterns may be bred in the above colors. 

Ragdoll Flophouse - all colors and patterns
Ragdoll cats and kittens in their homes acting like Ragdolls do.... very cute, take a look!!



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