All cats need appropriate places to be cats, and do cat things.... Ragdolls enjoy Cat furniture!!! 

What does a Ragdoll do with a cat tree?

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Ragdoll Kittens and Cats love to sleep in confined spaces, and in high places. Cat trees provide your cat a place to sleep that they feel secure. If kitty sleeps on the cat tree, it keeps the cat fur from collecting on your furniture. sleep.jpg (9537 bytes)



Ragdolls like to stretch out their muscles by reaching high up the cat post. Ragdolls grow to be large cats. Purchase a cat tree that will be big enough for your cat as an adult. sleep1.jpg (12762 bytes)



Cat furniture provides a place for Ragdoll cats and kittens to tear around without damaging your furniture. The texture and configuration of your cat tree is designed to encourage this behavior on the cat tree instead of on your new couch. play.jpg (17195 bytes)


Ragdolls love to climb cat furniture. Providing them a place to climb makes happy kitties and happy owners.

climb2.jpg (12944 bytes)

climb.jpg (15024 bytes)


Ragdoll Cats and Kittens need to scratch. Most prefer rough textures and a vertical surface. Sisal rope is very attractive to cats for scratching and most cats do not need much encouragement to use a sisal tree instead of your furniture. scratch.jpg (29188 bytes)

scratch3.jpg (21742 bytes)

Ragdolls enjoy simple sisal rope covered scratch boards:

and multi level cat trees:  

as well as beautiful cat furniture that compliments your decor:



We have provided links to some websites that offer scratching trees, posts and cat furniture for your kitty:


These are independent retailers, and they have no connection to the RFW club. They are listed here as an aid to those who are searching for products.


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