Glossary of Genetic Symbols

PLEASE NOTE: These genetics articles  were written by Mindy Ferreira, and are the sole property of the author including the tables that were developed.

symbol image name description
A agouti gene native, wild, controls the production of pigment in the hair shaft, turning it on and off to produce a striped pattern on each hair
a agouti off mutation that blocks the normal on-off color production and produces hair that is one solid color tip to root.
B black native, wild, produces black (eumelanin) pigment granules that are round in shape
b chocolate mutation of B which changes the shape of the pigment granules to oval giving the impression of brown
b1 cinnamon mutation of B which changes the shape of the pigment granules to cigar shaped to give the impression of the color of cinnamon
C Full Color native wild type gene, allows the production of full color
c no color two copies of this recessive gene will produce pink eyed white with no color pigment
ca albino two copies of this recessive gene will produce blue eyed white cats with china blue eyes
cb . burmese a sight restriction of the color production that is temperature sensitive. More pigment is produced in the areas of the skin that are  cooler temperature.
cs . siamese  a distinctive restriction of color production with cooler areas being very dense pigment and warmer areas being little color at all.
D Dense Dense production of pigment produced in the hair shaft
d dilute pigment granules are produced in clumps with spaces of no pigment between the clumps giving the impression of a lighter color.
I Inhibitor a mutation that stops the production of color in the base of each hair shaft
i non-inhibited native, wild, allows pigment to be produced normally
O red changes the pigment production from native eumelanin to phaomelanin
o non-red native, wild, allows normal production of Eumelanin
S .. spotting slows down the migration of pigment cells in the forming fetus leaving parts of the animal with no pigment (white)
s .. no-spotting native, wild, allows normal migration of pigment cells to cover the entire body.
W white blocks the production of pigment in the hair shaft leaving a coat with no pigment





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