The Cream Point Ragdoll Cat

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Cream Point: The body color of the cream point should be an even white all over, shading, if any, to be same color as points. Points may be any shade of cream from deep cream to a pale cream. The overall impression to be a "dull" color as opposed to a "hot" tone. On deeper specimens the impression will be a very pale cream tone with a lilac overtone. Paw pads and nose leather to be rosy pink.

Cream Point Bicolor Ragdoll Cat

cream point bicolor Ragdoll cat

SGCA Villaroyal Sunny

Cream Point Bicolor Alter
Breeder Eileen Pickett

Cream Point Bicolor Ragdoll Cat

Cream point bicolor Ragdoll cat
RW SGCA Plentylove Malis
Cream Point Bicolor Neuter
Breeder: Noriko/Naoko/Keiko Haraguchi


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