Do Ragdolls Cause Allergies?

written by Pat Johansmeyer, AngelDolls Cattery

Ragdoll Fanciers Worldwide understands how much people with allergies miss sharing their lives with a pet. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not a simple yes or no.

Some have reported less allergic reaction to a Ragdoll than to other long hair cats. However, a Ragdoll is NOT hypo-allergenic. Some people are allergic to all cats; others can tolerate certain breeds and/or hair lengths and not others.

We do not recomend adding a pet to your family which may later need to be rehomed due to allergies. We suggest that, following approval from your physician, the allergic person try visiting with those who own the breeds in which you are interested to see which, if any, work for them. If you do not have friends or family who own Ragdolls, possibly a local breeders would allow a visit if you explain the situation.

Hopefully, a Ragdoll will work for you. They ARE wonderful cats and excellent companions. But whatever breed it is, we wish you a happy future with the new addition to your family.


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