How to Fill Out a Show Entry Form

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The following is information that may be asked for on a show entry form, and instructions on how to respond. Not all entry forms require all the items listed below. If there is anything you do not understand, feel free to contact the entry clerk for the show you are entering. Entry Clerks are very helpful, especially if you let them know you are a new exhibitor.


MP___ SW___ NW___ SC___ SE ___
NE ___ GL ___ MA ___ SA___ Asia___ SEur ___ NEur ___

 ** This is the region you live in, where your cat will accumulate points for year end awards


ASIA China, Hong Kong, Japan, The Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan

GL=GREAT LAKES Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Ontario, CN, Wisconsin

GP=GREAT PLAINS Colorado, Kansas, Manitoba, CN, North Dakota, Nebraska, South Dakota, Saskatchewan, CN

INTERNATIONAL Australia, Bahrain, Channel Islands, Kuwait, Malaysia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia

NEur=NORTHERN EUROPE Austria, Belgium, Belorussia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, Great Britain, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, (Holland), Northern Ireland, Norway, Poland, Russia, Siberia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Ukraine, Wales

MA=MID ATLANTIC District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia

MP=MID PACIFIC Nevada, Northern California, Oregon, Utah,

NE=NORTHEAST APO, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Brunswick, CN, New Foundland, CN, New Hampshire, Nova Scotia, CN, New York, Quebec, CN, Rhode Island, Vermont

NW=NORTHWEST Alberta, CN, Alaska, British Columbia, CN, Idaho, Montana, N W Territory, CN, Wyoming, Washington

SA=SOUTH AMERICA Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Peru

SC=SOUTH CENTRAL Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas

SEur =SOUTHERN EUROPE Albania, Bulgaria, Corsica, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Romani, Sicily, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey

SE=SOUTHEAST Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee

SW=SOUTHWEST Arizona, New Mexico, Hawaii, Southern California  


Male___Female___ Neuter___Spay___

** this is asking for the gender of your entry, Neuter is an altered male, spay is an altered female.  


Kitten___Champ___ Alter___ HHP Kit____ HHP___ NBC ____Exhibition ____

** Your entry is considered a kitten if it is less than 8 calendar months from the date of birth. It is in championship if it is over 8 months old and not altered. It is an alter if it is over 8 months and has been spayed or neutered. Kittens that have been altered compete in the kitten class. HHP Kit and HHP are household pets. NBC is for new breed or color. Exhibition is for cats not yet accepted for competition.


Friday___Saturday___ Sunday___All ___

** this is which days you want to enter your cat in the show. Not all shows allow you to choose.


Kitten___Novice___Champion___Grand Ch___DGC ___ TGC ___QGC___ SGC ___

**You should check the appropriate title for your entry. Kitten is less than 8 calendar months old. Novice is an adult cat that has not yet obtained a title. The titles are abbreviations of: Grand Champion, Double Grand Champion, Triple Grand Champion,  Quadruple Grand Champion and Supreme Grand Champion. Alter titles end in A (CA, GCA, DGCA, TGCA, QGCA, SGCA)

Coat Length


**LH is long hair. SH is short hair. All Ragdolls would be entered as LH.


Traditional ___ Sepia ___Mink ___ Pointed___

**Ragdolls compete in the pointed category.


Solid ___ Tortie ___Tabby ___ Silver//Smoke___  Solid with White___ Tortie with White___ Tabby with White___ Silver/Smoke with White___

**Since all Ragdolls are entered as pointed category, solid means solid POINT, Tortie means Tortie POINT and Tabby means Tabby POINT. Ragdolls are not accepted for championship competition in Silver/Smoke, if your  cat is a silver or smoke, it will be entered as NT (New Traits) and can not compete for titles.




** write your cats color and pattern (example: Blue point mitted)

TICA Reg#  

**SBT XXXXXX XXX (if your Ragdoll’s registration number does not start with the letters SBT, it can not be shown in regular competition)

Birthdate (mm/dd/yy) 

**the date of birth of the cat you are entering

Age the opening day of the show 

**Age of the cat you are entering (example- 4 years 5 months)


**the name of the person who will show your cat if it is different than the owner


**Registered name of father of the cat entered including any titles


**Registered name of mother of the cat entered including any titles


**the person listed on the registration as the breeder of the cat


**name of the person who is listed as the owner on the cats registration papers

Benching Request 

**the name of the person you would like to be seated with in the show hall

Handicap Request 

**mark this only if you are legally handicapped, they will accommodate you with end of row closer to the rings.

Street Address 

**your home address- this is where they will mail your confirmation and directions to the show hall

email address

**optional, makes it much easier for the entry clerk to contact you if she has a question about your entry

I hereby enter the above cat at my own risk, subject to the conditions published in the Show Rules of THE INTERNATIONAL CAT ASSOCIATION and also agree to abide by the rulings of the Show Committee.

Signature & Date 

**Sign your name and date it.


The entry clerk will mail/email you a copy of your entry(s) and directions to the show hall and show hotel. Be sure to check your confirmation letter for any mistakes in your entry(s), as you could lose your points if your cat is not scored correctly.

REMEMBER.... once you have entered, you must pay the entry fees even if you are not able to attend the show. Online entries should be followed by payment within 48 hours of submitting the entries.

  HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!


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