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Operating a cattery is a wonderful experience. One of the concerns when a breeder is first getting started is letting the public know who you are, and where you are. There are many forms of advertising that are available to cat breeders such as cat magazines, newspapers and classified ads. One of the most successful ways to let the public know about you and your cats is a cattery website on the internet. In today's world, the internet is used more and more. Lets look at building a cattery website.

First you must open an account to host your website. There are several free hosting services available. Most of these will put pop-up or embedded advertisement on your web pages. This advertising is how they can provide you free hosting, and is a slight inconvenience in exchange for free hosting service. 

Some free hosting services

  • Tripod
  • Geocities

Tripod also offers several paid hosting accounts I have found them quite reasonable and reliable. If you prefer to have no advertising on your pages, there are many web hosting packages available. Many dial-up services also provide free hosting space as part of your service agreement, check with your local ISP to find out if this is part of your package.

Next you will need to gather up your very best photographs of your cats. I strongly advise that you have at least a few professional photographs to present the best possible impression. If you do not have any photos from show photographers, you can contact a local professional photographer and have them come to your home for a photo session. These photos can be scanned into your computer, or you can take a digital photo of the picture and down load from your camera. Be sure to get a written release from the photographer to use these photographs for your advertising purposes. Once you have the photos on the computer you will need a photo editing software program to properly size, crop and edit and reduce the resolution to shorten the load time.  Please do not misrepresent your cats by enhancing the eye color with the photo editing software. All Ragdolls are beautiful, intentional misrepresentation is unnecessary... 

Some Photo Editing software programs:

  • Paint Shop Pro
  • Photo Shop
  • Adobe Photo Deluxe

The next step is to write the text for your website. Be factual about your cats and your cattery. Think about what you would like to know about a breeder and about the cats... some ideas are information about how you got started, why you chose Ragdolls, how your kittens are raised. You can provide a description of the breed. You may want to include information on your policies and breeding practices, where you register, if you show... be creative. Be careful that you do not copy and paste text information, layout, images or graphics from other websites, as this will be a copyright violation and is against the law.

You will need a web site creation software to put this information together. 

Some web creation software programs:

  • Frontpage
  • Dreamweaver

After you have published your website onto your internet hosting account, you want to list the URL (the address of your website) with the search engines so people can find you with the search engines. There are both free and paid submission services. The following is a free submission service

Search Engine Submissions

  •  Add

Be sure to add a copyright notation on the bottom of each page:

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